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    Science Instructor/ A bilingual Speaker of Arabic and English

    Science Instructor/ A bilingual Speaker of Arabic and English

    Date Posted: July 8, 2021


    The Faculty member is generally required to perform duties in three area of responsibilities namely (i) Teaching, Learning and Course Development, (ii) Research and Scholarly Activity, and (iii) University and Community Service.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Teaching, Learning and Course Development:
    – Teach course subject assigned by the head of department using lectures, lab instructions/demonstrations, class discussion, and other appropriate modes of educational delivery as provided in the approved course syllabus (for full time faculty, the academic load shall not be more than 15 credit hours per semester).
    – Apply new and innovational methods of instruction to improve teaching and instruction.
    – Supervise the maintenance of laboratories and equipments (if applicable).
    – Evaluate courses, student learning, and assign grades.
    – Provides timely feedback to students (i.e. returning tests, assignments, papers, etc.) within the time frame stipulated in the academic policy.
    – Undertake internal co-examiner duties and responsibilities for assigned course.
    – Prepare and compile course files for all courses taught in a particular semester.
    – Develop new programs and related curricula.
    – Prepare course syllabus and lesson plan in accordance with the AGU Policy.
    – Participate in the selection process of textbook and other teaching material/aids necessary to teach various courses.
    – Assist with assessment and program review activities (e.g., develop and assess learning outcomes for courses, programs, and disciplines).
    – Observe mandatory office hours as per AGU policy.
    – Comply with department guidelines and policies.

    2. Research and Scholarly:
    – Pursue specialized research either related to teaching area/s or to one’s own discipline.
    – Conduct research and scholarly activity and make results available for peer review.
    – Participate in other professional activities such as working on panels at regional and national meetings of professional organizations, serving on editorial boards of professional journals/conference proceedings, consultancy, working on various research studies/project etc.

    3. University and Community Service:
    – Attend routine college/department meetings as faculty member.
    – Serve on college/department/university on special committees.
    – Serve as academic advisor to the assigned students and be available to advisees on predetermined meeting schedule.
    – Participate in faculty and staff recruitment activities.
    – Participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as open day, orientation registration, delivering a lecture/seminar, or advising a student club organization.
    – Mentor junior or new faculty to promote their teaching, research, and professional and skills.
    – Participate in continuing programs of the university if necessary.
    – Perform any administrative/special assignment or task assigned by the management.


    – He/she must have earned a Master degree in the specialized field from an accredited institution or any other institution recognized by the relevant UAE Ministry.
    – Possess a demonstrable evidence of commitment and motivation towards teaching,
    – a proven potential for fulfilling the typical responsibilities of a faculty member, and
    – a promising record of research and scholarship in his/her field of specialization.
    – Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a demonstrated competency to interact with people at all levels of the organization.
    – Have effective presentation skills, both theoretical and practical
    – Experience in developing course curriculum as per accreditation and international standards
    – Must be able to provide instruction at various levels within the program areas
    – A high degree of computer literacy and demonstrated ability to integrate technology into the learning environment and teaching methodology.
    – Have current knowledge of industry practices, trends, and issues
    – Demonstrate the ability to function as a team player within a multi-cultural work environment
    – Experience and skill with contemporary software tools appropriate to the specialization as we as the right fit to the university culture will be highly desirable.
    – The applicant should be able to teach the following courses:
    General Science
    General Mathematics
    Fundamentals of Statistics

    Al Ghurair University (AGU) is one of the first private Universities to be licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). All Bachelor’s & Master’s degree programs offered by AGU have been granted accreditation and it is internationally recognized. For more information about the AGU and the college, go to AGU Website.

    The interested candidates can apply online through AGU website Employment at AGU or may send detailed CV to the following emails: Dean of DOE and AGU HR. The application package should include a cover letter specifying the subject area , updated curriculum vitae, a brief statement of current and future research interests, and evidence of excellence in research & teaching. Please provide names and contact information for two references. The medium of instruction at the Department of Education is English.

    The jobs are open until filled.

    Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted within one month of the application date.

    If you are not able to apply online, please send your Resume to hrm@agu.ac.ae

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